Healthy Holiday Tips: Give The Gift Of A Healthy Smile



The holiday season is officially here! With that being said, it’s not time to take a vacation from your dental hygiene routine. The most important reason is so you can avoid cavities this holiday, which are quite painful and uncomfortable. Our team has put together some tips to help your smile stay happy and healthy all the way into the new year!

Healthy Alternative Foods This Holiday

Many dental-related complications are a result of sugary and sticky foods. This is because they create an acid in our mouths that dissolves tooth enamel over time. Here are some healthy alternatives to consider during this holiday season:

  • Instead of a sugary snack or appetizer, try serving fruits and veggies. We suggest apples and carrots, as their crunchy nature helps to strengthen and clean your teeth.
  • Foods rich in calcium and phosphorus, such as yogurt and cheese, are great for your teeth since they help repair the worn out enamel parts.
  • Avoid baking with sugar by looking for alternatives. This could include sugar-free sweeteners, semi-sweet chocolate chips and sugar-free peanut butter.

Healthy Holiday Tips For Your Smile

To minimize putting your teeth in harm’s way, try utilizing these tips this holiday season: 

  • Use a straw when drinking fizzy or dark coloured drinks.
  • Avoid eating snacks before going to bed.
  • Brush your teeth regularly, and consider flossing  and using mouthwash at least once a day.

Check-In On Your Smile This Holiday Season!

To prevent cavities and other dental-related illnesses, at Dentistry in Motion we have dedicated ourselves to providing high quality and satisfactory services. We centre our treatment solely on the patient by building a strong partnership. We try to learn about the patient by looking into the patients’ beliefs, concerns, goals, and plans, building trust. 

If it’s time to book your next appointment, the best way to contact us is to email: or fill out our contact form on our website. We are currently booking routine appointments for both new and existing patients! One of our team members would be happy to speak with you about our many services, including professional teeth whitening, Invisalign, dental implants and more! We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


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